Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a simple cosmetic treatment that can dramatically enhance the look of your smile. Whiter teeth can help your teeth look cleaner, brighter, and even healthier. Many patients feel that this simple step provides them with a more professional look that can even help someone appear younger. There are many cosmetic dental treatments, but teeth whitening is the simplest, and least costly, offering a large return in change. Dr Mark Romanelli is happy to discuss treatments that we offer, both in office and prescribed at home kits, and to review over the counter whitening products with you. Our staff at Mark Romanelli DDS can help you have a beautiful look that you want.

Store Bought Teeth Whitening

There are many options available when looking to whiten your teeth. Patients have purchased anything from a box of baking soda to a $50 whitening kit. The results of store-bought remedies will vary, as will the length of time it takes to get the desired results.

•  Baking Soda to Whiten Teeth: Baking soda has been found to do an excellent job at removing surface stains. Patients use equal parts water and baking soda when brushing. Baking soda is made with the chemical compound sodium bicarbonate, which works as a mild abrasive effectively removing surface stains when applied with a toothbrush. Since it is an abrasive, it should be used cautiously not to damage the enamel.
•  Whitening Rinses: Whitening rinses contain minimal amounts of hydrogen peroxide. Using them can have some effects in whitening your teeth, but the effects will take a long period with minimal results.
•  Whitening Gels and Strips: Whitening gels and strips are the most commonly purchased whitening products. They can be a very effective method to whiten teeth. Over the counter, products are limited in how much peroxide they can provide. Customers can expect 3-5% peroxide from whitening gels and strips.

Prescribed Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening at Mark Romanelli DDSAt Mark Romanelli DDS, we can provide prescription strength whitening treatments designed for both in office, or at home use. The levels of peroxide that we can apply are significantly higher than can be purchased with a store-bought whitening kit. This means that we can help you have whiter teeth faster and easier.

•  Prescribed Take-Home Whitening Kit: Dr Mark Romanelli can create a customized kit for at home use on your own schedule. Some patients may find that they like to whiten while they sleep, and others for a brief period each day. Dr Mark Romanelli will review your needs and design the right dosage and peroxide level for your needs.
•  In Office Teeth Whitening: Having your teeth whitened in office, under the control of Dr Mark Romanelli, is the most effective treatment option. In less than one hour, we can have your teeth looking beautifully white. Dr Mark Romanelli can apply a high strength of peroxide because you are under our careful watch. No messy trays, or continuous use, we can get it all done here and now!

For information on teeth whitening, in all of its various forms, contact Mark Romanelli DDS. Our staff is here to assist you. (805) 468-4659
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